On my way out of the woods
Lex. 21. Black trans man. Senior, Animal Science, University of Maryland.
  • [Image: Roulette wheel in the upper left corner of a plain white background. Text: Imagine a Roulette wheel. Not the one on the left which only goes up to 36. Imagine a wheel that goes from 0 to 9,999  and instead of just black and red, the colors were black, red, blue, green, orange, white, yellow, purple, brown, and pink. Now imagine that this wheel will only ever spin once. Hundreds of millions and even billions of people claim that they know which number it will be. Over 70% of your countrymen believe it will be 217 while others are convinced it’s 835 or 956 or something. Still others claim that all numbers are a multiple of 1 so in the end all numbers on the wheel lead to the same result. A lot of people can’t really be bothered to care about the wheel at all, and just go about their lives while nodding along their parents about whatever number the family picked. Now imagine that someone asked you, “what number do you think the wheel is going to land on?” and you responded, “I don’t really know, but I’m not gonna just make up an answer”. Now imagine the other person got really angry at you and yelled at you for being an arrogant, smug, know it all prick. Now replace the wheel and it’s numbers with a question like “what caused the big bang?” or “what set the laws of nature and physics at their current values?” and all the possible answers. That’s what it feels like to be an atheist.]

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